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Here are some testimonials from members of the building industry who have used the Frook to errect roof trusses on worksites.

“Safety is very important to us at Lamont Constructions and now we have been using Frooks we will not be going back to the methods of the past, but the spin off is significant cost savings, the crane time on each job has been dramatically reduced and we no longer need to purchase pine for temporary bracing. Our carpenters are completing house lots in a record time. Very impressed!”

Wayne Lamont
Managing Director
Lamont Constructions

“Deadly accurate and very safe. Safety is the thing for me.”

Braden Pont

“They are great. Light, quick and easy to use. A lot safer than pine bracing.”

Darrin Edwards
Builder for Glenwood Homes

“No more pine bracing for me. I feel real safe now.”

Trevor Griffiths

“I have been a qualified carpenter for 8 years now and have always appreciated any new invention that makes our job both easier and safer, which is indeed what the Frook does.

Ken approached me to trial his new invention early this year and I have been using them ever since. What I like most about them is even though the design is simple there are a lot of key features to the Frook which make them extremely practical and easy to use.

The adjustable wing allows you to adjust the trusses easily, quickly and most importantly safely. The G clamp on the end is great for setting up the job before you start as they can be hooked along the top of the block work in the appropriate spots so you are not up and down off trusses the whole day.

As a business owner and employer, the Frook has been a great investment in our company. They are safer than the old method, the boys on the job found it easy to learn how to use them, and they are extremely cost effective.

All it comes down to is the fact that the Frook is a great invention and I won't be building any roofs in the future without them.”

Braden Pont
Ponty's Contracting

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